Saturday, October 22, 2022

Book Launched – Asleep Awake by Arunim Srivastav


Asleep Awake: There is something in every day and every night ✨ Authored by Arunim Srivastav and edited by Aryama Srivastav

The Book is now available at Amazon

For humans it’s fun,

They will smile :)

But for you all may be your last run,

To distant mile ;

No one knows ,

What will happen ?

You will shine the brightest for a while,

But then after…

You may get, exhausted !

Leaving behind Billions of smiles :)

From Asleep Awake

Children have a different world of their own. In which there is everything extraordinary, as the great poet William Wordsworth said, “The child is the father of the man”, coming events casts their shadows long before. Just to feel what a 11 year old author wants to express kindly read this book

Star gives inspiration to shine in adverse conditions. “They smile at us, we smile at them and so one smile make two!” Fortunate we are, to pen down and portray the power of words, thoughts and wishes; there is something in every day and every night.

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