Saturday, October 22, 2022

Book Launched – Anshuman krit Saral Vastu Gyan


Book Launched available on Amazon

The concept of modern building construction is methodically realized through drawing. Definitions continue to be advanced in development ; Without Vastu Gyan, our definition of building cannot be advanced. In the book presented, there is an effort to put the principles of Vastu Gyan in front of the users easily, as well as how we can study the basic fundamentals in a coordinated study of today’s building map art. Specific information has been given on this.The shortness is unique in itself. Readers, read this small but important book . To say anything more would be to diminish the importance of brevity. Let’s start with a compass to your own.

" Many scholars have made unique and commendable efforts to establish the modern guidelines of Vastu Shastra. The genius of Mr. Anshuman, a knowledgeable and traditional writer of different subjects, is expressing his novel outlook in his natural form through writing. ” – Dr. Pramod Bankar

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